Structure & History

The Institute of Sociology and Demography (ISD) is allocated to the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (WSF) of the University of Rostock. It emerged after the political changes of 1989 as Institute for Sociology and Social History and was re-named to Institute of Sociology when the subject-specific magister study courses were introduced in the mid-1990s. It has existed in its current structure from the establishment of the chairs for sociology with a focus on family demography and demography on and comprises of five chairs and one junior professorship that cover a wide range of research and subject areas. These are, among others:

One focus of the ISD education is on methods of empirical social research and analyses of cultural, social and demographic change which excellently prepares graduates for the future professional practice. The Institute of Sociology and Demography offers two bachelor and two master study courses.


Social sciences

The bachelor study course "Social sciences" is jointly implemented by the subjects sociology, demography and economics. This combination of subjects is unique among the social science study courses in Germany.


Furthermore, bachelor studies „Sociology“ as first or second subject are offered in combination with other subjects from the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (e.g. political sciences) and the Faculty of Humanities (e.g. educational sciences, history, media and communication sciences).


Sociology and Demography

Sociology and demography are offered as four-semester master study courses each. These are application and research oriented. The master study course Demography is unique in the German-speaking countries. Implemented in close cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Demograpic Research Rostock and the Institute of Economics, the master study courses include the opportunity of an integrated PhD path on the topic „Demographic change“.