Promotionen und Habilitationen

Laufende Promotionen und Habilitationen

  • Fanny Barz
    • Creating Strategic Interventions Based on Incentives and Constraints to Promote Sustainable Actions in Gillnet Fisheries of the German Baltic Sea.
  • Meike Bücker
    • Re-Employment Determinants of the Elderly Unemployed - An International Comparison.
  • Anne Hornung
    • Higher-Order Fertility in Germany and France with Special Focus on the Transition to Third Birth.
  • Nadja Milewski (Habilitationsschrift)
    • Attitudes and Behavior Related to Gender Roles and Family in the Context of Migration and Integration.
  • Julia Schneider
    • Vaterschaft nach Trennung und Scheidung – Eine qualitative Untersuchung für den Großraum Rostock.

  • Anja Vatterrott
    • Fertility and Family Dynamics of East-West German Migrants.

Abgeschlossene Promotionen und Habilitationen